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Nursery and Preschools

Little Monkeys Nursery

27 Victoria St, Windsor SL4 1HE, UK – 01753 622149

In our experience, Little Monkeys is absolutely brilliant, all the way from baby through to pre-school. The staff are caring, supportive and, importantly, fun! They actually get down on the floor and play with the children, rather than just watching them play. They also did a fantastic job preparing my older one for school. Highly recommended.

Lilliput Learners Pre School

Smith's Lane, Within Dedworth Library, Windsor SL4 5PE, UK – 01753 858774

Brilliant nursery school. The staff are fantastic and my son loves going to school.

Long Close School & Nursery

Upton Ct Rd, Slough, Upton SL3 7LU, UK – 01753 520095

Good school

Primary and Secondary Schools

Dedworth Middle School

Smiths Ln, Windsor SL4 5PE, UK – 01753 860561

I am using my mum's google account. I have to say this school is good because the teachers and MOST children are really kind and caring but some people are stealing my food from my lunch boxes and people are constantly just annoying me and they are just downright bullies. Apart from that, I am very sad to leave this school to move to Burnham Grammar School because I have made so many new friends in Year 5 and it is very close to the end of Year 6 when I will leave this school forever. (This was posted on Tuesday 19th April 2017 at 7:52pm) 👋👋

Trevelyan Middle School

Wood Close, Windsor SL4 3LL, UK – 01753 864371

Enthusiastic & respected headteacher, Hard working & responsible teachers. Thank you from contented parents.

My two children loved their time here. Lovely staff :-)

St. Edward's Royal Free Ecumenical Middle School

Parsonage Ln, Windsor SL4 5EN, UK – 01753 867809

Cause I go there and it's the best and people are nice

Public & Preparatory Schools

Brigidine School Windsor

Kings Rd, Berkshire, Windsor SL4 2AX, UK – 01753 863779

Why didn't they put prices on the website ? Do you know guys how much is it approximately? Thanks xx

I loved the school when I was a student there

Eton End School

35 Eton Rd, Datchet, Slough SL3 9AX, UK – 01753 541075

My daughter is a student at Eton End. We joined the school at the beginning Key Stage 2 because she was experiencing issues with bullying and low confidence at her previous school. I can honestly say that the pastoral care and support she has received from the Eton End are second to none. Additionally, her teachers and other staff have worked with her to unlock her potential, and her educational scores prove how well she has thrived at this school. As an inter-racial, international family, it has always been very important to us that our child's school embrace and celebrate difference and diversity and we have never found fault with Eton End on these principles. The student body is a diverse mix of all nationalities and cultures, and it's lovely. We would recommend Eton End to any parent looking for an independent primary school. It has certainly exceeded our expectations.

Our daughter has thrived at Eton End and we have been delighted with how dedicated and caring all the teachers are. They take the time to know each child and thus ensure that they all get the best possible education. It is a very happy and hard working school and we always recommend it warmly to other parents.

St George's School

Windsor Castle, Windsor SL4 1QF, UK – 01753 865553

I used to go to this school, it has a great education system but some off the food is a bit odd

Fundada no ano de 1352 por Eduardo III de Inglaterra. Trata-se de uma unidade escolar destinada a jovens cujas instalações estão juntas à face norte do Castelo de Windsor. A escola goza de forte reputação dos seus alunos nas áreas das artes, música e desportos.